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Scotland eh?

Grim up north...

Grim up north…

Now obviously this was written before the referendum, so maybe it’s all proved pointless (they remained in the UK) or maybe the worst fears have come to pass (a dead heat). But given the bile now being spewed by both sides north of the wall you’d expect me to have a view wouldn’t you? (even though not scottish)

So should Jockistan be an independent country?

Simple premise isn’t it but there is so much at stake, so much given as a reason either to support or oppose the idea. So much bullshit or denying the obvious.

So on the hot topics…
Will they keep the £? Well, if they want to. There is absolutely nothing to stop them using it. They can use any currency they like, they could use euros, dollar or doubloons to be honest. What they cannot realistically expect is currency union, to have their financial and banking system continue to be underwritten by the UK taxpayers. So in continuing to use the £ they cede all fiscal power to an unaccountable authority in another country.

Will they save the NHS? Even the fraction they already run north of the wall is monolithic and nigh unsteerable. There will be hard decisions ahead. It will cost more in the future, treatments will cost more and they will lose economies of scale and the ability to send people south easily for treatment – after all will the UK NHS want to be seen using scarce funding subsidising NuScotland?

Will they be more prosperous? There is oil, gas and whisky. But as capital flight takes hold there will be an impact on the financial industry. Shipbuilding will suffer as the UK MPs will find it hard to justify spending defence budgets in foreign countries instead of supporting local economies.

Will they stay in NATO? They claim to want to do so, but want all nuclear weapons removed as “they are abhorrent”. Seems a bit rich to want the protection and membership of an organisation dedicated to a mutual nuclear deterrent, but refuse to contribute and indeed cause all manner of problems for the existing members. Tricky…

Will they get to stay in the EU? They say they can join immediately. The actual members of the EU say different. Hard to see how you can force a club to let you join against members will. Many countries have independence movements of their own they are dealing with and the realpolitik is that they will make it as hard as they can for NuScotland to join, so they will be forced to accept Schengen, Euro, EU financial controls etc..

So from all these you may think I’m against the proposal. After all as the UK we have achieved much, defeated tyranny, lead the abolition of slavery, created the NHS, created a welfare state to envy of the world, lead the world in industrial and scientific innovation. All of these from a union of nations not a conquest.

But I’m not. Not a single one of the topics above actually matters. I hope they vote yes, go their own way and stand on their kilted legs.
Mainly because it’s democratic. It moves power away from the centre towards those that foot the bill for it all.
Because it promotes equality. Those left in the UK will not longer faced with scottish MPs who helped give us tuition fees and social care costs whilst all the time helping their constituents avoid them.
Because I’m tired of England being the whipping boy for all Scotlands issues. I’m sure like any politician they’ll blame the last administration. But they’ll no longer have an easy excuse.
Because if they remain, they will now be privileged members of the union. Bribed with others taxes with a greater say, greater funding per head and protected positions.

Finally because it’ll be the beginning.
We will see more clamour for accountability. Wales & NI may well want more of a say in how they are run. England certainly will, and perhaps the regions of England.
Will this effect our global standing? Probably. So what? Why does it matter if we can tell other countries what to do? The first duty of the government is security of the nation, not governing other nations.

How would you feel if someone treated your children as a lesser group of citizens? Angry?

Consider then the Scottish National Front. In their race to bleed as much cash from the oh so nasty English before they dare actually allowing a vote on Independance they’ve whacked tuition fees up to £9,000 for English students north of the border.

Whats so bad with that you may wonder, don’t we have that in English Uni’s for all students?

Well, yes. But here’s there kicker.

Scottish students still study for free. As do students from every other EU country. Except England. The problem lies with EU law. It is illegal to treat citizens from other EU countries differently from your own. What is not illegal is to treat people from within the country differently. Hence Alex Salmon* gets to put his racist hate into practise to persecute English 18 year olds trying to study.

Welcome to the racists of the 21st century. Cloaked under the age old guise of nationalism. Apparently it’s fine as long as you’re not English.

+++Updates & Correction+++
*Apologies to Mr Salmond for getting his name wrong. Spellchecker corrected. The rest stands.

I also found further examples of democratic deficit and interesting information as I looked further into Scotland. Scottish MPs can (and indeed did) vote on matters effecting solely the English, such as education discussed above. They are then able to support different decisions north of the border without a recipricol English input. (also known as the West Lothian question). Such as education for instance, in effect Scottish representatives enabled the last Westminster administration to bring in tuition fees in the first instance (whether I think this good or bad is irrelevant), then their own parliament rejected the policy for Scotland. I guess some people in the UK are more equal than others…

As a real anachronism, Scotland is the only european country to maintain a private armed force, the Atholl Highlanders. Perhaps the lead unit in the new Scottish forces following Independance?

…and just in case you missed my post following the Scottish elections

So we had the elections and the referendum. We comprehensively turned down a half arsed attempt at PR and the Libs got a right kicking for daring to compromise in order to form a government.

The one thing to come out of all this that will really effect things I think is the Scottish national front getting a full majority in Scotlandshire. like a liberal who is pretty sure they will never be in actual power they could always promise what they liked. But now, they are actually in the driving seat on their own. The training wheels are off and they’re going to be held accountable. Should be fun!

The Jock national front have always promised a referendum on full independence. They’ve done their best Aussie anti semetic impression and cried “you’ll never take our freedom”, whilst banging on endlessly about how awful those bastard English are to them.

Well go on then. Get on with it. I fucking dare you.

I am sick of hearing about it. I am bereft of sympathy. I would love them to fuck off. So have your referendum. Quickly. You now have the chance to do your own thing and gloat about oil, or wind, or deep fried mars bars or however else your going to power the economy. You might want to compare it to the Barnett formula you already get, or all the other funding which heads north to the tune of nearly double the total oil revenue. But even if we’re wrong I want you to go away. Here’s why.

I am sick of England being ruled by you.

You have your own parliament that can make decisions on your own behalf. Great, I support localisation. but we then get Scottish MPs at Westminster voting on the same matter for the English! WTF? You get to vote in a parliament to implement tuition fees, prescription charges and then run north of the border in order to prevent them there?

Without Scottish MPs we would have had different governments for the last 13 years! and don’t think we’ve forgiven you for Gordon Brown. Mr Prudent who left us with more debt than ever before, who sold the reserves at an all time price, who tried to buy the social underclass with handouts and left the actual workers supporting a millstone of a bloated public sector.

In addition the Barnett formula promises more cash per head north of the border, so in 2007, central funding provided for.
England £7,121
Scotland £8,623
Wales £8,139
Northern Ireland £9,385

England is the only country not to be represented Nationally. We provide the bulk of the funding and yet have the least representation. I look forward to seeing this pointed out when Salmon is forced to balance his own books and stop spending everyone elses money.

Even if it did cost England revenue I don’t care. It’s about fairness. We are endlessly portrayed as some sort of oppressors, whilst Scotland has a disproportionate amount of power. So now’s your chance. Stop bitching about it and make a decision.

And if you vote to stay, then England should be allowed a vote to decide if we want to let you stay…