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OK, admission first. I arrived at this by following a link from the Daily Mail…. I know, but their web page loads fast and I glance at most of the non-paywalled papers at some point.

So, champion memorial climber and court-room liar Charlie Glimours Mum has been advancing his cause on twitter. I’m not a user of twitter especially. (twitterer? twatter?) But after reading a few days worth of the inane 140 character or less outpourings of this woman you can almost see why he is the way he is. Endless drivel on why he shouldn’t have been punished, how badly he’s treated etc, coupled with the odd ramblings on latest films seen and blow-job etiquette.

Almost every attempt at mitigation he tried to use boils down to her parenting or his lack of education. (parents splittling up, didn’t know Cenotaph was a memorial and so on…)

What is glaring in it’s omission is any kind of apology or contrition for the fact her scumbag offspring used a memorial as a plaything. Perhaps she would be as charitable if someone came round to find her families graves and treated them with similar disrespect? Maybe she could use some of the millions she managed to marry in supporting some of the families whose loved ones risk their lives for longer tours of duty than the selfish entitlement monkey will do in Wandsworth, or those that will never see their loved ones again but had to witness her waster of a son using their memorial for climbing frame.

Self obsessed ego-centric shits that think all that matters are their rights to do whatever they like wherever they want and couldn’t care less about others unless it’s some fashionable 3rd world photoshoot where they can preach that we should send all our money, because they are soooo alturistic having spent 30 mins of their coseted existence on an expenses paid trip to make films about it. Yep that was a real sacrifice on their part….

So angry now. I really shouldn’t read shit like this.

Do you in fact have one?

Some people think so, apparently I got “the finger” and am a “smartarse” for agreeing that people who don’t clear snow from their car and continue to drive should get £60 and 3 points. (I drive a 2 ton 4WD truck and being a massive 5’6″ have to use a broom myself, so I know it works)

Why not? It’s fucking dangerous. If it comes off whilst driving it can cause an accident. Obviously not for the selfish shit in their car but for the people driving behind them, and for pedestrians near the road. But hey, it might take a whole 5 minutes in the cold before they set off so why should they have to worry about driving over a ton of metal about on slippery surfaces without the resulting consequences?

But what if I can’t reach? Well either get a longer broom, or the kitchen steps or a taller person to help. What you don’t do is whine about the inconvenience to your oh so important life and carry on regardless. Your convenience does not take priority over others safety, otherwise I should be allowed to choke the living shit out of people just for annoying me.

For those that think I make this shit up (obviously names have been changed…..)

Facebook friend #1
WARNING police from today are stopping motorists whose cars have snow
on their roof and issuing £60 fines and 3 penalty points. Please repost
this and spread the word YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Person far too important to spend 5 minutes clearing car
what happens if you are short like me and cant reach the roof of your car?

what happens to the driver behind you or the pedestrian walking by the road when it all comes off and hits them? a broom works fine.

Person far too important to spend 5 minutes clearing car
even with broom i cant reach smart arse!!

Facebook friend #1 Get your fella to do it for you [Person far too important…] 😉 that’s what I had [Facebook friend #1 fiancé and all round nice chap] doing this morning with the broomstick haha

Person far too important to spend 5 minutes clearing car
lol would do if he wasnt at work hun just walk instead i think x

Facebook friend #1Jeez Spider, thought you’d be bothered the effects on pedestrians…

Facebook friend #1 last person that should say

Person far too important to spend 5 minutes clearing car
it was different when I had the lotus Facebook friend #1 could reach the roof then just would not have got over the snow on the road lol

Facebook friend #1Or stay indoors if you can [Person far too important…] hope you all ok, stay safe+warm xxx

Person far too important to spend 5 minutes clearing caryou too sFacebook friend #1 safe drive home xx love and hugs to you and [Facebook friend #1 fiancé and all round nice chap] x o and the finger to your smart arse friend xx [she can’t mean me surely?.. spider]

I wish everyone a safe drive home. Hopefully you won’t get hit by massive blocks of snow and ice flying off the tops of cars.

Another thought occurs. If you’re so bloody short and haven’t learned to live with it by the time you’re old enough to drive, how do you see over the bloody steering wheel?

I guess I’ll be called smartarse and worse now. Yep, amazing I know some people continue to disagree with me. I’ll pretend I give a shit and rise above it. I can reach the roof that way…