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Quick post following a piece on the Beeb

Should Police officers accused of misconduct be allowed to resign and avoid the proceedings?

Tricky one really. In this era of frugal penny pinching I can understand the accountants wanting them off the books and avoid the cost in terms of monet, manpower and time of the investigation.

However, given the nature of the powers entrusted to them, and the very nature of a misconduct charge what price do you put on justice?

Contrary to what you may think I support the Police. it is an incredibly difficult role which they are destined to be criticised in. If for no other reason than you are always having a bad day when you interact with them. Either as victim or perp. So never a welcome sight really, however The Peelian Principles which I quite like give a good guide to the way forward…

…The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon the public approval of police actions.
…Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law.
….The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon the public approval of police actions.

So basically, it is not for the Police to decide upon the law but to adminster if justly and impartially, maintaining the publics support by rigid adherence to it.

I’m fairly sure it doesn’t say if it looks like the personnel dept might have a problem making it stick how about we just let him walk so we can offload him to another police force… The best leadership is by example. How do they expect anyone to take the rules seriously if they cannot enforce their own?

Final point. The article wheels out the usual ACPO spokesman. I was surprised to learn given the power that organisation appears to wield that it is not a public body. It does not answer to any elected person or organisation. Rather it is run by…

A team of directors manage the work of the Association of Chief Police Officers. The directors are responsible for the corporate governance of ACPO as a company limited by guarantee.


ACPO leads and coordinates the direction and development of the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In times of national need ACPO, on behalf of all chief officers, coordinates the strategic policing response.

Hang on. So effectively a union for senior police officers, that works ontheir behalf not ours, very nearly gets to write it’s own rules (under the guise of guidance?) on how the law is applied? No conflict there then! why not just go the whole hog and roll up a trouser leg and have a funny handshake…

Quick one here… Weathermen are all mild, conscientious types right?…and when they don’t think they’re on air…