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Forgive the lack of remembrance post, away drinking at a good friends wedding north of the wall in soon to be free Scotland! (great day, and great to see them so happy – best wishes for the future  – you know who you are!)

So back to it!

Rememberance also marked the passing of a proper British hero. Sir Rex Masterman Hunt KCMG, most famous as governor of the Falkland Islands at the time of the Argentine invasion.

During his career he also served as a Sptfire pilot, and having joined the Colonial and Diplomatic Services went on to serve in all the nicest location including postings in Uganda, Sarawak, Brunei, Turkey, Indonesia, South Vietnam, Malaysia and the Falkland Islands. Hunt was appointed the Consul-General at the British Embassy in Saigon in 1974 and was there at the time of the fall of South Vietnam in 1975.

The best snippets I have found are that as the Argentines closed in on Stanley, and with time short he sent all his staff to safety and having told them to take only their most valuable possession his housekeeper took a framed picture of HM Queen and a bottle of gin. As you would probably expect by now, knowing the sort of man he was, he remained with the few Royal Marines as his residence quickly became the centre of armed action in Stanley. Once all was obviously hopeless and to prevent needless loss of life, he ordered the Marines to lay down their arms. He then dressed in his formal uniform, including plumed hat, and met the Argentine commander whereupon he instructed him

“You have landed unlawfully on British territory and I order you to remove yourself and your troops forthwith”

In later life he was chairman of the Falkland Islands Association for many years and President of the UK Falkland Islands Trust. He retired in 2004 and moved to Yorkshire, and passed away in Stockton on Tees, fittingly perhaps, on remembrance day.

His self sacrifice and dedication to duty stands in stark contrast to the current self serving expense grasping jungle dwellers we seem afflicted with now.

Bravo Zulu Sir Rex.

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