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Great article on the BBC mentioning charities that are up in arms about new TV show “in London that encourage viewers to believe they are cured of life-threatening illnesses by prayer”
Apparently they reckon it is dangerous to tell people that prayer has cured their diabetes & cancer.

I may surprise you here. Brilliant. We need more of this. Get them on BBC1 at 7 o’clock on saturday nights. Think of the possibilities that will benefit society!

First, anyone foolish enough to believe this rubbish will of course die. If they are going to put faith healing by a conman on a TV over advice by a doctor, hospitals and science then lets get them out of the gene pool before they pollute it any further.

Next, it helps the NHS! In this time of austerity the NHS is desperately overcrowded and underfunded. Lets encourage the fairy tale followers to not clutter up wards and surgeries, but to rely on Bishop Simon Iheanacho laying on of holy oil, exorcisms and battling the “snakes in the body” and leave the hospitals to the rest of us.

Want to know why Blair (evil) and Brown (Bonkers) headed a non-stop roller coaster ride into bankruptcy and beggared a nation? This explain it all. He is their shadow education minister minister.

I especially like the bit where he claims to be giving a maths lesson as well.

Been incredibly busy of late, so a welcome respite from my rants for you all I guess, however…

The Beeb carries a report today that was carried out for Panorama, the headlines are…

Two-thirds of young British Asians agree that families should live according to the concept of “honour”, a poll for BBC Panorama suggests.

Of 500 young Asians questioned, 18% also felt that certain behaviour by women that could affect her family’s honour justified physical punishment.

These included disobeying their father, and wanting to leave an exisiting or prearranged marriage.”

it goes on…

“However, when divided by sex, 6% of young Asian men said that honour killings could be justified, compared with just 1% of Asian women surveyed.”

Multiculturalism was one of the root causes it is suggested. Sensitivity to other cultures.

It is not. It is fear of being labelled racist that is a root cause. Fear that stops people saying this is wrong. If your culture advocates violence towards women for the crime of “not doing as they are told”, or “refusing to marry someone they do not wish to”, or “daring to have a relationship with someone from another culture or race”, then your culture itself is a mysoginistic, racist, abhorent relic of an uncivilised world and should be consigned to the scrapheap of history alongside slavery, cannibalism and Simon Cowell.

And if you are part of that culture and refuse to speak against it you are just as bad.

Well, more seeing red than blue as seems like bad news comes on buses – it all seems to come at once…

Local council Redcar and Cleveland are crowing about securing a slice of the pie and grabbing around £400,000 of taxpayers cash to renovate 13 travellers pitches. (actually works out £31,538.76p per pitch if I’m picky). Elsewhere Darlington Council are scoffing down £1,500,000 of the same pie for 20 new pitches (£75,000 per pitch). Amazing that they can get £30,000+ spent on their home and claim benefits whilst simaltaneously having enough cash to afford massive 4x4s and very expensive caravans.. just how much tax got paid on all that income again? How do I apply for £75,000 to do up my house? I am sure I can think of ways to use it. Join the council house waiting list like every other person has to.

At the other end of the spectrum our self diagnosed betters lecture us on the perils of drink, how we should keep drink free days and cut our intake lest we be unable to create taxable income for them. Meanwhile the hypocritical bastards on £60,000+ salaries (plus benefits and expenses) use some £6,000,000 to subsidise their bar and restaurant including alcohol – that’s about £10,000 per MP per year.

And just in case anyone thought anyone in the private sector could act like those in the public, there will be new rules that restrict executive pay for privately owned private companies that produce non essential and entirely voluntary goods and services. Except footballers of course, wouldn’t want to stop the intellectually challenged, racist, would be sex molesting ball chasers earning a few million a year would we?

I guess all the bastards are back from their breaks.

Perhaps we should try the Belgian approach. 18 months without a government. All seemed quiet over there….

…I find it hard to describe the renewed contempt I have for religion after reading this.

The next time someone tells you we must “respect” others beliefs and cultures no matter how ludicrous and unsubstantiated read this article again. This is where superstition and religion leads us, into ignorance and darkness.

Take your gods, your prophets, your holy books and your churches or towering architecture built in deference and fear of mythical beings and shove them up their collective arses. For every abused child, massacred village, crusade, jihad, voodoo, suicide bombing or even just an adopted child refused aid because they aren’t allowed to peddle their prejudices I would see every variety of backward hatefilled superstition consigned to the dustbin of history.

If 2012 can bring us anything, please let it bring us freedom from religion.

So now you must pay more for a glass of wine or beer because some people choose to abuse alcohol.

That is todays message from a group of self selected doctors and experts (whom I suspect are all well the far side of minimum wage), have written to the Telegraph to point out that some poor people abuse alcohol, and if we make it prohibitively expensive then the proles won’t be able to use up all those taxes in medical care.

Because what addicts won’t do is brew their own, or obtain illegal cheap supplies in exactly the same manner that society was able to declare victory in the war on drugs such as dope long ago.

Why should responsible people be penalised? In fact, the main losers in this scenario are the responsible poor. The people for whom a few beers or a bottle of wine remains a luxury item. Obviosuly they cannot be trusted to decide for themselves and must be treated like children, or farm animals. Nutured and looked after, prevented from harming themselves in order to maximise the productivity that can be obtained from them.

I do not care if the tax funded reseearch proves the link between cheap alcohol and it’s abuse. In the same way you are free to be offended, you are free to abuse yourself, and then take the consequenses of that action. Limiting everyones freedom needlessly to account for the actions of a minority is wrong.

To follow the logic of these self appointed betters we should ration alcohol. It would be fairer, limiting every person regardless of income to a specific amount. It would be interesting to see their reaction when told they cannot buy another bottle of bordeaux regardless of how much they are willing to pay…

Anyway, in the interest of a balanced opinion. If you or someone near you needs help then a good place to start

On the other hand, if as an adult you feel able to take responsibility for your own actions, may I recommend

The grauniad has a piece on the riots of the summer. They’ve co-sponsored a study into the causes with the LSE (Libyan School of Economics I think?) and discovered that it wasn’t greed or selfishness that motivated any of the rioters but the nasty polices actions and lack of respect. Those nasty stop and search powers come in for a savaging as well, after all it’s not like they have been carried out on criminals is it? you know, the sort of person of riots and smashes up private property and steals things?

Apparently the study found that

By contrast, in London, police say they carry out 8.7 stops per 100 people, suggesting riot interviewees are at least eight times more likely to be searched than the average person.

Really? Stop and search focuses on people dressed like gang members or those that frequent known areas of drug dealing? The police aren’t carrying these searches out in old folks homes or the local nunnery for instance? What are they thinking?

Another claimed

“I was in Brixton at my friend’s house. I got a phone call and my friend said the riots could start in Clapham Junction because there was quite a lot of people around … My intention when I left the house, I didn’t say: ‘Let’s go and rob this that and the other,’ but me and my friend did have a conversation en route to Clapham Junction … like, ‘If they’re free trainers we will take them or a mobile phone’ … We walked there…

So, let me get this straight. You get to hear that there may be a riot nearby. So you specifically went there because you heard there was a riot, and had already discussed whether you would take advantage of it to steal. Yep, that’s all down to nasty coppers oppressing you that it.

Of course criminals are going to blame anyone but themselves when asked. It’s not likely any of them are going to say I was there to get a load of stuff I could not be asked to work and save for is it? In other shock news woodlands contain ursine defecations…

We have removed through indoctrination an entire generations freedom. They no longer think they have the right to be responsible for themselves. Everything is a “right” to be handed to them, possesions, money, respect. If thier wants are not immedaitely satisfied then they declare themselves oppressed.

I find myself agreeing more and mor with Sir Terry Pratchett

…no practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based

Everyone claims to want freedom, but we constantly erode it. We say we want the freedom to make choices and decide for ourselves, but no-one wants to admit that includes the possiblity that people may make bad choices.

The riots were not about oppression, or lack of life choices. It was about “I want new trainers and I don’t want to have to pay for them as that would mean getting a job and saving”, it was about “I can’t get a high paying job because I couldn’t be arsed at school”, in short it was about people demanding that the state take away their freedom and give them every distraction they demand. It’s fine I guess, but the Eloi won’t like the price.

Well that’s kind of what the Beeb are saying!


The survey of 4,359 parents found 58% had cut spending on other essentials like clothing, heating and other bills.
Nearly two-thirds said they could not afford not to work, but struggled to pay for childcare.
Four out of 10 families surveyed said the cost of childcare was on a par with their mortgage or rent.
The study suggests the cost of childcare has the greatest consequences for the poorest families

Really? Having children costs money? In other ground breaking journalism bears do indeed shit in the woods and the Pope is kind of Catholic. It gets better…

Research by the Daycare Trust earlier this year found that 25 hours of nursery care a week in England for a child under the age of two would cost, on average, more than £5,000 a year.
In Wales it was about £4,700, while in Scotland parents faced an average nursery bill of £5,178 a year.
Kate Groucutt, policy and research director at the Daycare Trust, said: “It is unacceptable that parents are being forced into debt in order to pay for childcare.

Hang on, what? A whole 25 hours of care for a child per week costs about £100? Outrageous! £4 per hour for a safe insured premises with CRB checked staff that are prepared to run the gauntlet of registration and legislation in order to risk being sued into oblivion because little Johnny grazes his knee. £4! Hell that’s almost a packet of cigarettes. Not that the Day Care Trust, a charity naturally, have a vested interest as they provide training and consultancy in the field, and I’m just guessing here but there full time staff do it for more than £4 per hour? The piece then goes on to describe at length the unfortunate state of childcare as the state does not provide enough of other peoples money for parents to look after their children.

Sorry, bullshit. You want to know who is responsible for children? The parents. If I am going to be taxed to pay for other peoples choices then I want a say in the matter. Because there is absolutely no need for there ever to be an unwanted pregnancy now. The choices may be difficult, but there is always a choice. And there are plenty of people I would happily prevent breeding.

I choose not to have a big dog as part of my family despite really wanting one. because I am not in a position to be able to look after it properly. The same applies. (And no I do not see any difference). If you cannot care for a child because of time, financial or personal contraints, then don’t bloody breed. We are not short of people. We are killing the planet by over-population.

A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said:

“The cost of childcare is one of the most important factors for parents when considering work, and ministers have always said that under universal credit they will invest at least the same amount of money into childcare as in the current system. We are working closely with the Treasury and other interested groups to ensure we get this right”

Well, I am an interested group as you keep taking all the money I try to earn and live off, and I think you have it arse about face. The cost of a child is one of the most important factors for parents when considering having one. If they cannot plan for that, then what hope do they have at raising one properly?

So Tottenham is to be twinned with Mogadishu? it certainly appears that way.

I’ve no more idea what actually happened in the cataltyst event than anyone on the streets last night so I’ll make no comment on that.

Two things do strike me though.

Firstly this was in no way a protest for justice. None of them would even recognise Mark Duggan who was shot by police and therefore instantly transformed into a peace loving angelic figure who helped old ladies cross the road and rescued kittens. It was not a cry against cuts, or lack of libraries or a failure to embrace diversity in ethnic backgrounds.

It was scum who were intent on violence, destruction and materialistic gain for there own ends. A feral underclass who have never been forced to realise that ther are responsibilities as well as rights, with a healthy dose ofthe well to-do anarchist movement who see disorder as a lifestyle choice. Cowards who want everything and are prepared to give nothing, who claim to support a bereaved family by torching London buses and support their community by burning shops and looting TVs. Wasters who think a human right is the right to an iPhone, £200 trainers and the right to deal drugs without interference from “the man”.

In short, oxygen thieves and a waste of DNA.

The second thing that struck me was the Police reaction. Obviously we all have the luxury of being armchair generals on this. but it would appear that they are hamstrung in the ability to respond for fear of upsetting some community leader or another. Would we have seem them allow such behaviour for so long from football fans? I fear not. These animals were shielded by the fear of racism. Predominantly ethnic minorites who use their race as an excuse for their behaviour. Who cry persecution if you accuse them of behaving like animals when they behave like animals.

All people should be treate equally. Everyone should have the same right to being arrested for trying to burn a cornershop or police car…

So my contribution to this debate. A suggestion to help the police in an all too difficult role where they will be criticised whatever they do.

We should supply a container of these

and because the bodycount may be a bit politcally incorrect we can moderate their firepower with big fun bags of these.

OK, admission first. I arrived at this by following a link from the Daily Mail…. I know, but their web page loads fast and I glance at most of the non-paywalled papers at some point.

So, champion memorial climber and court-room liar Charlie Glimours Mum has been advancing his cause on twitter. I’m not a user of twitter especially. (twitterer? twatter?) But after reading a few days worth of the inane 140 character or less outpourings of this woman you can almost see why he is the way he is. Endless drivel on why he shouldn’t have been punished, how badly he’s treated etc, coupled with the odd ramblings on latest films seen and blow-job etiquette.

Almost every attempt at mitigation he tried to use boils down to her parenting or his lack of education. (parents splittling up, didn’t know Cenotaph was a memorial and so on…)

What is glaring in it’s omission is any kind of apology or contrition for the fact her scumbag offspring used a memorial as a plaything. Perhaps she would be as charitable if someone came round to find her families graves and treated them with similar disrespect? Maybe she could use some of the millions she managed to marry in supporting some of the families whose loved ones risk their lives for longer tours of duty than the selfish entitlement monkey will do in Wandsworth, or those that will never see their loved ones again but had to witness her waster of a son using their memorial for climbing frame.

Self obsessed ego-centric shits that think all that matters are their rights to do whatever they like wherever they want and couldn’t care less about others unless it’s some fashionable 3rd world photoshoot where they can preach that we should send all our money, because they are soooo alturistic having spent 30 mins of their coseted existence on an expenses paid trip to make films about it. Yep that was a real sacrifice on their part….

So angry now. I really shouldn’t read shit like this.