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No seriously, fuck right off.

After a year of radio silence that is the message I wish to convey.

After the murder of an MP by a deluded fascist nut job, I am heartily sick of the pro-EU hand wringers wheeling out their argument that although they in absolutely no way wish to politicise such a hideous event, if you don’t vote how they want then you’re some form of sexist racist homophobic fascist who probably gases immigrant kittens for kicks.

So my message to them is simple.
Fuck off. When you’ve finished fucking off, fuck off some further.

How dare you equate extremists with people who have perfectly legitimate concerns about the political tyranny overtaking the EU and wish to think globally instead. How dare you try to use sympathy for a bereaved family to support a purely political agenda to support a regime that usurps elected governments to impose technocratic puppet leaderships.

Of course any right minded person feels utterly terrible for the grieving family. Same as for every murdered policeman, teacher, nurse or even *gasp* an unemployed person. I don’t see their families getting calls from Obama or parliament recalled? The only people reacting differently are the political establishment and Westminster echo chamber that are suddenly faced with some of the shit the rest of the electorate have to deal with.

By all means vote however you want. In or out, don’t care. It’ll make little difference. Want to try and convince me one way or the other? Feel free. Try and propagandise an act of terror or murder and claim unless I agree with you I’m as bad? Fuck right off.

Oh, almost forgot. May contain profanities.

Everything you need to understand about why the EU economy is in the crapper….

March 28th

Spain finance minister: No plan to ask for bailout

April 13

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy finally uttered the word bailout, but only to deny that Spain would require one.

April 20

Mariano Rajoy Insists There Will be No Bailout for Spain

April 20

We don’t see any need for any involvement of the (European Financial Stability Facility) or other mechanisms in the case of Spain, as it stands,” European Central Bank Vice President Vitor Constancio said in response to questions after a speech.

May 21

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has said he does not believe the Spanish banks would need to ask for a bailout from Europe.

June 20

Spain’s finance minister insists no bailout needed

Wait for it.. you know it’s coming don’t you… it’s a belter…

After all, it’s only taxpayers cash….

Amazing how they finally got round to this when it coincides with this?

Anyone would think they were desperate for a share of the farm subsidies?…

Hat tip to Old Holborn.. always worth a read.